Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where has Time Gone!!

Well I am back from my fun and exciting trip to PA, where I got to visit my dear friend and fiber pal Heather!! My, my, oh my, what fun was had by all! We felted, dyed, spun and just plain had oodles of fun!! I haven't laughed so hard and long and so much since I don't even know when!! Her daughters were the best and such beautiful girls as well!! I offered to take them all home with me! Then there were the 2 little kitties she has that were so cute too!! To say the least it was a very grand time and I hope to do that again if she'll still have me!! hehehe!! Thanks dear it was a true blast!!!

Now I am still working on Mary Ann Moss's class Full Tilt Boogie and I hope to start making some fun journals very soon (starting this weekend!!) to put in the etsy shop, as well as spin and I have loads of wool to wash and dye so there will soon be pics of all that as well!! I have some pics to share of my trip, a couple of journal pages I did in an old book I am using and a pic of some fab silk I received from another fiber friend, Omi!! I will be back when the sun comes out so I can post some of my garden that despite the crappy rain and cool temps and no sun is still seeming to continue to thrive!! I am happy for that!! All my pics are on FB and flickr so take a peek!! Be back soon with more news and pics etc!! Till then have a great weekend wherever you may be!
Heather's bag being laid out

the kitties!!

my 1st bag in progress (front side)

my 2nd bag (front side)

one dye batch of silk

some of the dyed silk

silk gifts from Omi

1st page in journal I am playing in
another journal page!


  1. Gee, everything came out so beautifully! I love the vibrant colors you chose to use for dying. What a kick you were in PA!

  2. thnx Sharon!! we love lots of color so of course we poured it on!! literally!! too funny had no idea you too are in PA!!it was lovely!!
    hugs Linda

  3. oh I am green with envy ... full tilt boogie!! wanna see that book in person when you get it together. the ones on her blog are gorgeous. glad you had a fun time on your trip. take care and don't work TOO hard =)

  4. oh dianne she actually does like 4 bindings it will be fabulous! I am still gathering and having fun!! the class is WELL worth every penny trust me she rocks! so detailed and she is so fun to learn from if you can afford the $$ it's a blast! hope all is well with you and your family esp the little one! sending hugs and hope to see you soon! keep busy dear!! I now need to get some wool done too! also working on some fun stenciled, painted etc pages for another journal with Roben Marie Smith it's also a fun class and learning a lot of fun things too! she is also a dear and teaches well!! hugs Linda

  5. I LOVE Mary Ann Moss! She will really expand your mind!!

  6. thnx Maija dear!! and yes she rocks those classes! I have taken them all I think and each one is awesome!! now to get it all done fiber, paper, beads and all!! wish I didn't have a "real" job!! hehehe!! thnx dear!

  7. Congratulations on the new blog Linda, it looks great! You obviously had a great time with Heather, I had to smile because the silk pieces you used for the front of bag 2 were ones I gave Heather from Ireland!.It's such fun seeing things getting passed around and the different ways different people use them!!! XXX