Sunday, June 12, 2011

Look Another Post!!

Well now that I have a blog, I guess I should add a couple more pics for you to see some NEW stuff I am playing with!
While Sally was here we did a couple of nites of some fun journaling pages to get me started again in doing my journals and try to have some pages ready to actually journal in! I am also working on new pages to create some new journals to hopefully sell in my etsy shop once I return from my little trip to PA to visit my dear friend Heather! The pages and covers will be quite fun and colorful. I learned to create them by taking a class with Roben-Marie Smith which was quite fun to do!! I am also taking the new class MaryAnn Moss is doing ....Full Tilt Boogie..... so watch out when I return I will not only have lots of fiber goodies but hope to have fun new journals and who knows what else......felting stuff too I'm sure once hanging out with Heather rubs off as well!! so Lots of new stuff coming up this summer so come along for the ride and see what's coming up!!