Friday, August 12, 2011

Where Did My Summer GO!!!?????

Well seems as though I have been lost in a fog or should I say heat and humidity all summer long! It was a very hot and sticky summer and we have now finally had several days of pure loveliness with cooler temps and low low humidity!! I just love this! I have been busy doing nothing really! I did make a new journal after taking Mary Ann Moss's Full Tilt Boogie class and I plan to make a bunch more and sell some too!! I went to a Wine Fest in Kirtland with my sister and family (pics to come as well soon!!) My family was here to visit for a week. My mom,  dad, and sister and her 2 boys!! We had lots of fun, ate and drank and were merry!! I have a few pics to add now and more to come .....just have to download them from the camera and I will of course post them ALL on flickr!! and Facebook too hehehe! I will be posting new batts and yarns as well soon to my etsy shop and sadly I will be back at work very soon as well! Yes my summer break will officially be over on the 22nd, so I will no longer get to sleep in and sit and watch all our little humming birds empty all 4 of their feeders in a day!! I will have to start thinking of having to get up early again and make my 30 min drive into work daily and the 30 min back home!! Oh well so it goes right!! No rest for the wicked so they say! I will be a bit better at trying to update my poor neglected blog and also my shop! I am working on new things along with my fiber goodies so hope you'll stop in to peek!! Here are a few pics to get you started of what I did during break!! More to come and of course garden pics too! Sadly the peppers are not happy and being eaten by aphids and the tomatoes are gigantic and have been retied so many times and are over 7 ft tall I am letting them now hang and hope to actually get some ripe ones SOON!! Thanks for following along in my ramblings!! I'll be back soon with more pics and news before very long! So please do stop back by! My sister returns tomorrow from a short trip with her boys to MI then she goes bk home to CO Tues so I am sure I'll have lots more to post after that as well! Have a great weekend all!
my daddy!

my sister here in OH

my darling hubby!! love!

my nephew (belongs to sister above!!) and mom!