Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time With Our Granddaughter!!

Well I have been busy goofing off for the most part! I have gotten batts made (really I did!! just before she came!) I just need to get pics now, so that is next on my to do list!! We also spent some time with our granddaughter Erica for the past few days and we had loads of fun doing things, but the most fun I think was at the zoo Thurs!! We walked and saw so many animals, but didn't manage to finish the rain forest, so that is on the list for next time! We did spend over 4 1/2 hours walking and looking and looking! Here are just a few highlights! All 118 pics are on Flickr for you to see! Loved taking pics of her and of course lots of the animals!! The weather was a bit humid but not super hot so we managed! As my hubby says "it is summer ya know"!!! To say the least we were all tired but happy! So watch for the next post on new batts listed in my etsy shop ok!! Have a fun day!
entrance to the zoo

near the new elephant exhibit

having fun riding the camel!

grandpa and Erica

at the playground!

near the wolf exhibit

walking with grandpa


  1. So cute!! Handsome hubby, too! :)
    Where are the photos of you, my friend?!?

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