Sunday, June 12, 2011

Look I Have NEW BLOG!!!

Well here I am! I'm finally getting time to blog and thnx to one of my dearest best buddys', Sally, I have a new fancy schmancy blog set up with a new header and all! We had a blast journaling and did rust and natural dyeing on Sat and just had loads of fun!! I will attach pics soon and promise to be more diligent in posting here and showing you lots of new goodies for my etsy shop real soon! Since I am leaving for PA Wed I won't get a shop update quite yet, but I will once I return!!! So come back and see what I have and hope you like the new look!!! Thnx Sally for a great fun weekend!! xoxoxo!
Here is the cover of a new needle felted journal I made and I need to finish beading and creating on it and then will send it to Sally !!


  1. Happy Blogging and love the new journal!!

  2. thnx so much dear isn't it fab!! Love that my friend is so good at this!!! now for me to figure it all out as I go along!! more pics of my journal pages soon too!!

  3. thnx Joanne! you always know how to make me feel good!!